About Apiarity


Apiarity offers social media marketing services for mission-driven organizations including universities, non-profits, startups, individuals, and businesses that seek to strengthen their communities and be a positive force for good in the world.

What does Apiarity mean?

Apiarity is a neologism based on the word "apiary," which is a bee yard (a place where many beehives are kept). The idea of bees and hives is not new to the realm of social media; experts commonly refer to creating "buzz." The hive is a symbol of community, which is why in social media the hive is a recurring image. Beyond buzz within a community, bees leave the colony to pollinate the world around them. The concept of an apiary expands beyond one beehive community to many communities, much like the online environment today. The bee is also a symbol of hard work. In medieval heraldry the beehive was considered a symbol for industry. Apiarity is all about providing exceptional value through hard work. 

Stephanie Leishman, founder

Stephanie Leishman has nearly a decade of experience managing digital strategy for organizations and is an experienced public speaker in the field. Stephanie became MIT's first social media strategist and made MIT a leader in social media strategy. She advised over 100 departments across campus. She led several projects, such as the development of MIT Connect, which received a CASE award. She personally received the Infinite Mile Award from MIT's President's Office for client relations. In her volunteer roles, she trains leaders across the globe in project management and social media strategy. Stephanie enjoys working with a variety of clients whose mission is to make this world better, including startups, small to medium businesses, universities, and non-profits. Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn or just about anywhere else

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