A New Year’s Resolution for Social Media Strategists

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 45% of Americans usually make new year’s resolutions and only 46% of those who make goals keep those goals past six months. 

One of the keys to setting a goal on January 1 and maintaining motivation through December 31 is to write it down and review it regularly. 

Social media is ever-changing; strategists make data-driven decisions and adjust tactics as they learn what tactics will help them achieve their goals. This means the goal is set on January 1, but the data-driven approach requires adaptability and openness to adjust course as you learn what works.

This year I resolve to make data-driven decisions

An important new year’s resolution for a social media strategist is the resolution to revisit the goals set on January 1 and evaluate approach and performance against those goals. At least once per month you’ll fill in the blanks to the following statements:

  • My goal this year is to _____.
  • This month I did the following to achieve that goal: _____.
  • The data show that the result of my efforts was: _____.
  • According to the data, I could better reach my goal by adjusting _____.

If you’re off course, redirect. You should be using analytics reports to remind yourself of more than your vanity metrics; focus on metrics that show if you’ve made progress toward your goals. Your goals usually don’t change, but analytics-minded managers who can see the road signs will adjust the path in order to arrive at the desired destination. 

Good luck and happy new year!