How Do Lawyers Use Social Media?

Much of social media is not only the global conversation, but also engagement within communities, and lawyers have been engaging in conversations and communities on social media for several years. There are many benefits to lawyers who use social media. One of those benefits is gaining new clients. In his post "How Social Media Can Help Lawyers Win New Clients," Matthew Hickey says "Social media makes it easy to develop the types of relationships that can lead to clients for your practice." Social media allows lawyers to be more communicative and approachable. In a Mashable post, Matt Silverman says, "No matter her credentials or expertise, if you can't communicate with your attorney, it may be best to look elsewhere. That personal touch with social media could make or break an important connection."


There are many lawyers on Twitter. Elizabeth Wharton (@LawyerLiz) has been on Twitter since 2009. The content of her tweets is aligned with her professional interest in the cross between technology and public policy. For example, she tweets about drones, which are a hot topic in technology policy. Another example is her retweet of Atlanta Magazine’s post about a court ruling on police department usage of body cameras. Liz is doing well with nearly 3,500 followers, a great balance of retweets and original tweets, and a great Twitter bio. 

Why should lawyers use Twitter?

  • Establish thought leadership, reputation in your field

  • Gain referrals, new clients

  • Read news on industry developments and trends

  • Network with other lawyers

LinkedIn Groups

Many lawyers network on LinkedIn through LinkedIn groups. The Personal Injury Attorney Network, moderated by Stephen Fairley and Nicole Farber, is one example. The group has over 10,000 members and hosts discussions on latest trends in product liability cases, what top PI lawyers are doing to get better referrals, and strategies for marketing a personal injury firm. 

What can lawyers gain from joining a LinkedIn group?

  • Get advice on topics that impact the success of your firm, like marketing

  • Network with others in a field of expertise

  • Gain insights on trends in the industry

Google+ Pages and Communities

Google+ Communities

There are many lawyers who use Google+. One way to use Google+ is to set up a personal profile and join communities. The Lawyers on G+ community is comprised of over 14,000 members who post relevant news. The discussions are organized by topic, such as the business of law, legal tech, corporate law, and personal injury. 

Google+ Page

Law firms also choose to set up Google+ pages for their business. Managing a Google+ page can be useful for a variety of reasons:

  • Improve your off-site SEO, bringing more traffic to your website

  • Connect your Google+ page to your Google maps location

  • Share news with your current and prospective clients

There are other social networks that can also be helpful to lawyers. If you’re a lawyer, in which social networks do you participate and why? Share your comments. If you are a lawyer looking for help in optimizing your social media presence, contact Apiarity