How to Improve the Writing on Your Blog

"If you don't produce enough content, you don't have enough surface area on the digital world." – Dave Orecchio

This week, I attended the Boston HubSpot User Group at HubSpot’s Cambridge office. Professionals from the greater Boston area gathered for great conversation and pizza. One of the greatest takeaways was how to be a better writer for email, social media, and especially blogging. If after reading this post you want to learn more about creating successful content, take a look at Part 3 in the Social Media Marketing Basics Series, "Creating Engaging Content."

Triggers, goals, problems, solutions

First, Dave Orecchio of Bristol Strategy gave a presentation on inbound marketing strategy. He explained four steps: 

  • Identify the triggers that cause action
  • Understand the goals that address each trigger
  • Quantify problems defined by goals
  • Provide best practice solutions that address each problem and differentiate the company

One of the best ways to improve your blog is to produce more content. “If you don’t produce enough content,” said Dave, “you don’t have enough surface area on the digital world.” 

Ideas for better writing

After the presentation, the group discussed the question at length: “How can I get better at writing?” Some of the solutions offered by members of the group include: 

  • Use a subject matter expert to help with the facts
  • Interview an expert or a client
  • Ask your customers what is important to them
  • Write the title before you write the post
  • Create a short video to accompany your content
  • Express the key idea in 4-5 bullet points

One of the most meaningful tips was to have personal conversations with your clients. Your content needs to resonate with the customer. Get more honest answers by scheduling a 30-minute conversation face to face.

Tips like these can be helpful as you seek to make incremental changes toward better writing. Good luck!