Ello: A Network for Creators

Ello isn't so new anymore; the social network launched in 2014. It's best known for its promise to forever be ad-free. It experienced high growth when it launched. Stacey Leasca points out, "At one point, it was maxing out at a little more than 34,000 requests per hour for an invitation to join.” 

Just another Facebook?

It has been described as similar (perhaps too similar) to existing social networks. For example, is it a "hybrid between Tumblr and Twitter” or just another Facebook? Ronnie Charrier explains, "It’s really not all that different from Facebook or Twitter: You have a profile, you can change your image and banner, you update your status, you share pictures, you add friends.” Although Ello had been pitched as a Facebook alternative (especially against ads), most people who were using Ello were also still using Facebook. Sarah Buhr says, “Yet people didn’t leave Facebook for Ello. In fact, many of those talking about Ello were posting about it on Facebook."

"The Creators Network"

However, Ello has slowly been differentiating itself from the pack. Paul Budnitz says, “We’ve seen super-active micro communities pop up on Ello around subjects like finance, art, photography, and graffiti…” Taylor Hatmaker comments, "Ello is an experiment, and it sounds like it’s one Budnitz remains committed to, as long as there are designers, photogs, and artsy types doing their thing on the platform.” It could be argued that Ello is to Facebook as Vimeo is to YouTube. You’ll cast a wide net on Facebook to reach a large population, but if you’re a creator—a photographer, designer, artist, cartoonist—you’ll find your niche on Ello. 

In their recent press release, Ello calls itself “the creators network” focused on a beautiful and ad-free experience. "Ello is for anyone who respects, enjoys, is entertained by, or participates in the creative process.” 

After the launch of the new social network, Peach, Ello’s CEO Paul Budnitz offered the advice, “...ignore the hype and stay to your course and build the network you want to build. That's what we did, and it's why we have such a passionate, positive, and brilliant network filled with top creative people today, instead of the horrible network clone the press wanted us to build."