Periscope: 5 Things To Do Before You Scope

Periscope "Start Broadcast" screen

Periscope is still a new platform, so many people are just starting to use it. The early adopters are practically naturals now, with thousands of followers and hearts. People are sharing live video in neat ways. 

There’s a lot that can only be learned by doing the scope, but here are some tips to think about before you start. 


Go to your settings and turn on “Autosave Broadcasts.” This setting assures that when you finish your scope the video is saved to your camera roll. You will then be able to go back and watch your scope to evaluate what you did well and how you can do better next time. You can even post the video to YouTube to get more views.


Turn on the auto-tweet function (the Twitter symbol should be highlighted white). When you start your scope, Periscope will send a tweet for you from your Twitter account with the title of your scope to alert all your followers.


Include at least one hashtag in your title because when Periscope sends the auto-tweet with your scope’s title, those hashtags will show up in the tweet. A well-chosen hashtag can help a tweet reach more people. You might also choose emoji, which add color to the title and make it more eye-catching. 


Choose a descriptive title. What will you be doing in this scope, or where are you? Give your viewers a reason to join in. 

First scene

Right before you hit “Start Broadcast,” point your camera to a good scene. The first frame of your video will be the still photo that comes up for viewers before they hit play. The more catchy it is, the more likely they’ll click on it.

You're ready to start your scope!

Do these five things before you start your broadcast and see how it improves the experience for you and your viewers. Do you have Periscope tips to share? Comment with your ideas.