How Instagrammers Use Inspirational Quotes

“I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized wiser than oneself.” ― Marlene Dietrich 

Go to Instagram and search the hashtag #quote. There you will find the magical world of Instagram quotes. Quotes aren’t new to visual platforms; on Pinterest, quotes are found in abundance. Quotes have been incorporated into images and are one of the most popular types of content on that platform. The same goes for Instagram: tens of millions of posts have been published on Instagram with the hashtag #quote.

Why post quotes on Instagram

The reason quotes on Instagram are so magical is that they are the antithesis of selfies: a quote is usually by someone else and in quoting that person you honor someone other than yourself (or your business) for a moment. Posting a quote shows you find wisdom beyond yourself, that you’ve been listening and learning, and you’re willing to share some helpful or inspiring words with your followers. While some quotes can be silly or even inane, many are range from thought-provoking to life-changing. They are used in many contexts: for humor, comfort, motivation, and more. Quotes can be part of building a great brand voice. Here are some ways to use quotes in your Instagram marketing.

Case studies

For some businesses, quotes are their business. They are the lucky businesses that sell quotes for a living. From framed and lettered quotes to T-shirts with a memorable thought or a funny quip, these lucky people get clicks for the product or for the statement. 

The rest of us can also gain from quotes. Why? Quotes evoke emotion. They make us laugh, cry, go deep, recall a memory, or resolve to make a change. They can be a powerful way to build a connection with your Instagram followers. Instagram quotes are text-based content on an image-based platform, so they require some thought.

All quotes all the time: Drvn_Life and BibleVerses_Daily

Your feed could be all about quotes, like Drvn_Life. Businesses that focus on career coaching, mentoring, and consulting may find that Instagram feeds that are 100% quotes are more valuable to their specific type of audience. 

Faith-based Instagrammers naturally lean toward posting only quotes. BibleVerses_Daily is an example of this. Their goal is to inspire faith in others, so quotes are an obvious content choice for them. 

This method is to use a similar template for all quotes and to focus only on quotes. This may be an option for some businesses, but not for all cases. 

Match your aesthetic: Dove

The most common way people incorporate quotes into their Instagram stream is to match the quotes' text and background with the aesthetic of their feed as a whole. This way, the business keeps its branding strong and cohesive.

For some brands, this means creating a template with the same font and a consistent background. However, brand cohesiveness doesn’t have to be that strict.

Dove keeps its Instagram account full of clean, white space with some blue, cream, and gold. Dove uses lots of quotes in its Instagram marketing, and they’re often hand-lettered in a different handwriting each time. Otherwise, they use the Dove font from their style guide. Either typed or handwritten (or hand-painted as the case may be!), the quotes are all in blue on cream with some gold highlights, right in line with Dove’s color palette. 

A photo posted by Dove (@dove) on

A photo posted by Dove (@dove) on

The writing is on the wall: Under Armour

The typical way to think about quotes is as a layer over a photo. However, some Instagrammers are speaking to their followers from within the photo. For example, in some of Under Armour’s posts, the statement is on the wall behind the subject of the photo. You don’t see it at first, but inspiration strikes soon enough. 

A photo posted by Under Armour (@underarmour) on

A photo posted by Under Armour (@underarmour) on

A photo posted by Under Armour (@underarmour) on

Quote your customers: Harvard Book Store

Customers seek for recommendations from their friends and community before making a purchase. So why not quote your customers? For a bookstore, the best way to drive business is to encourage reading, so Harvard Book Store asked its customers why they love their bookstore. Great quotes came of this exercise, such as “bookstores soothe a wandering spirit—they feel like home!” 

One of the first notes of the morning on our #bookstoreday banner. ❤

A photo posted by Harvard Book Store (@harvardbookstore) on

You told us why you loved your bookstore... #bookstoreday

A photo posted by Harvard Book Store (@harvardbookstore) on

How do you use quotes?

Do you love the way a company uses quotes in their marketing? Is this a successful content type for you? Share your success stories and questions in the comments.