Take Advantage of Evergreen Content

Christmas tree on the side of the curb, spring 2016

I was walking through Cambridge this spring—yes, this SPRING—and found a Christmas tree finally discarded by a neighbor. 🌲  But evergreen trees are green, forEVER, right? Not if you chop it down, string it with lights, and use it for a one-time-only event. Same goes for web content.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is media that continues to be relevant and can be used again in your marketing efforts. Some companies think this means they leave content on their website and that if it's there forever, it'll "stay green." However, just like a plant, if you're abandoning it on your website without any care, at some point it's as good as dead.

Don't let this happen to you. While some content is timely (e.g., "top 10 Christmas ornaments for 2016"), a lot of content is relevant for a longer period of time. A recipe, a list of stress-reduction techniques, and an educational video on how a product is made are all examples of content that is useful even if a few years have passed. 

Even evergreens need watering

Although evergreen trees stay green all year long, they need water and sun to stay green, just like all trees. So, content isn't evergreen at creation. Content is evergreen because you make it so. Here are some ways to keep that content relevant and accessible to your audience: 

  • Promote your content on social media regularly. Have a great blog post that's still relevant a year later? Tweet about it again.

  • Repurpose a blog post as an Instagram post. Take an excerpt of the text and pair it with the image. You could do the same for Pinterest.

  • Have a series of photos that you shared on Flickr? Embed them as a slideshow on your website.

  • Repin some of your Pinterest pins to curate them in a new way.

  • Save your Snapchat posts to your camera roll and share them on Twitter.

  • Save your Periscope videos to your camera roll and upload to YouTube later. Then tweet out a link to your YouTube video.

  • Create a short e-book from your top five blog posts that address a similar topic.

The benefits of evergreen content

There are reasons you want to focus on content that you can repurpose, promote, and create easily. 

  • Less time creating content from scratch. While you do want to keep creating new content, repurposing and promoting existing content in new ways will help you get your existing content in front of those people that are coming to your website or social media for the first time.

  • Get more out of your content. By continuing to promote and link to your best content, more people get to see it and enjoy it.

  • Reach different types of people. By turning a blog post excerpt into an Instagram post, you reach people that don't like reading blogs, but do love to discover content on Instagram. By extending to new platforms, you can extend to new networks of people.

Take action

Set aside some time this week to identify potential evergreen content; don't toss it to the curb!