Product design for a connected world

David Kellner presents at LiveWorx

David Kellner presents at LiveWorx

By Stephanie Leishman

I'm here at the LIVEWORX tech conference in Boston, at which I am a presenter. Today I get to enjoy attending amazing sessions on IoT, AR/VR, robotics, and other topics. A great session by David Kellner of Welch Allyn. David presented on how Welch Allyn approaches product design. Many of their principles incorporate design thinking. 

Consider diabetic retinopathy: less than 50% of diabetics get their annual eye exam. Welch Allyn produces the RetnaVue Imager for a non-mydriatic exam and gives full color images. It connects wirelessly and has a modular design. 


“Layering connectivity on top of an existing product because you can is not often a successful solution.”

  • You have to start with a deep understanding of the customer problem space: why they do what they do, what motivates them, what frustrates them. 
  • Commit to a lot of deep hanging out, observing, and asking questions. 
  • Be humble and embrace your ignorance. 
  • Expect things to change so keep going back. 
  • Good products come from teams of smart engineers, developers, and technicians. 
  • Great products come from knowing your customers and their needs better than anyone else.