A Different Perspective

Photo by Rebecca Aldama / Unsplash

Photo by Rebecca Aldama / Unsplash

You've been seeing too much of the usual perspective. There's always that one view of campus that shows up on all the postcards. Or, a company's product gracefully posed on a table, exactly as you've seen in a hundred thousand catalogs. It's time to take a different perspective. It's your chance to take a different point of view so you don't get lost in the noise. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Go behind the scenes. 

Everyone can take a photo of your product on their kitchen table. They don't need to see your take on it. Show them something they can't see on their own; the factory floor, how the product is made, the stretch you do before you go out on stage, what all those applications for your program look like stacked and ready to review.

2. Change up the time. 

This doesn’t mean the posting time. This means the time expressed in the content (the environment and light of the photo, the sounds in the podcast, etc.) If they always see you during the day, what is it like at night? If they always see the workday (or busy hallways of the school day), what does the weekend (and the empty hallway) actually look like?

3. Host a takeover. 

Your followers see the company's perspective in many of its posts. What if they could see the experience from the point of view of the student, the customer, the professor, the user, the investor, etc.

4. Change your physical point of view. 

Climb up on a chair before you take that photo. Get on your belly to show the snail’s perspective. When people started to attach cameras to drones, the photos had an extra “wow” factor because the perspective was new and less frequent in published photos or videos. Is there a new perspective you can take? Is it from within the space instead of outside it? Is it from below instead of from above? 

5. Speak in a different voice.

Maybe you always speak in the second person and say say “you” in messages to customers. Try speaking from the first person point of view. This is easier if you host a takeover (the person taking over your account for the day should talk in the first person), but others can do it too, like the CEO. 

There are a lot of opportunities to shake up the context, helping your target networks see the uniqueness in who you are and why you do what you do. Change up that perspective.