5 Photographers in Dahlonega, Georgia to Follow on Instagram

#dahlonega (Instagram hashtag for Dahlonega, Georgia)

There are so many interesting small towns in the world and they happen to be full of talented people who are winning on social media. Therefore, let’s focus on one small town and see who’s producing amazing content. In this post, we’re focusing on photographers in Dahlonega, Georgia who you might want to follow on Instagram. #dahlonega

Phil Procida

A photographer with a consistent aesthetic is Phil Procida, whose photos seem to have a dark sheen to them. I am mesmerized by his “glass ball” photo. Phil often features nature when the light is low, from dusk to even as late as 3am, so that he can play with an element of light in the composition. Some of his images will blow your lid off

Cari Pilgrim

Cari Pilgrim calls herself a Dahlonega-based “elopement, wedding + portrait photographer.” Her Instagram account is full of awesome wedding shots as well as details between shots, like photos of the landscape around her. You might also want to visit her website, where she does a bit of storytelling to provide context to the photos. One of my favorite photos by this skilled wedding photographer is what I call “the leaning tree.”

Michelle + Brandon Horn

Meet the dynamic duo Michelle and Brandon Horn, who are husband and wife photographers in Dahlonega who describe themselves in three words: adventure, love, and life. They are great at creating not only a consistent visual aesthetic, but also a consistent value-based focus to their posts. For example, they include faithful messages in their Instagram feed, like their post about why they love to honor the Sabbath Day. Their photos capture the remarkable, intimate moments of weddings, such as their shot of a bride dabbing a tear from her eye.


Wisdom&Stature Photography is owned by Rachel, a “traveling wedding + portrait photographer” in Dahlonega who is “dedicated to capturing the beauty of every single moment.” Her Instagram feed has a professional feel, with each photo capturing that perfect moment. She’ll even make your shoes look good.

Brittany Peters

On the other end of the spectrum is Brittany Peters of Nine Sixteen Photography, whose Instagram feed makes you feel like you’re family. She shares the personal moments of her daily experience that help a prospective client understand the type of person he or she will be working with, because we know it’s not just about talent—it’s about personality too! She specializes in adorable Anne Geddes-style baby photos, and true to her personality, she throws in a few not-so-baby baby pics

Who is your favorite Dahlonega-based photographer? 

If you know of other talented photographers in Dahlonega and have a favorite Instagram account to share, please comment on this post! Let's help give some visibility to those skilled with the camera in Northern Georgia.