How Do I Set Social Media Objectives?

This post comes from Exercise 4 of Linking Business Goals to Social Media Objectives

Get a sneak peek into part of Exercise 4 in the workbook Linking Business Goals to Social Media Objectives. Get a pen and paper or open the notes app on your phone. In this exercise, we'll take a business goal and translate it into a consumer action. If you can do this, then a few exercises later in the book you'll be able to determine social media objectives. 

Determine Consumer Actions

1. What is your business goal?

Nadia owns an online shoe store and has set a goal to sell 90% of her inventory for a specific type of boot by the end of the month. She has 100 pairs, so that's 90 pairs to sell.

What is your business goal? Think .... write .... 

2. What is the desired consumer action?

Looking at her data, she has found that the average number of items in an order is 1.2, so she needs 75 customers to complete a purchase online. 

  • Goal: sell 90 pairs of boots by February 28
  • Action: 75 customers make a purchase online

How would you specify and quantify the action people must take in order to realize your goal? Think .... write ....

3. Connect action to marketing

Nadia looks at her web analytics and knows that not all people who visit her website make a purchase. She will need a lot more than 75 people to visit her website in order to sell 90 pairs of boots. Nadia has noticed that visits with sales represent 5% of all website visits. So she roughly estimates that she is going to need to get 1,500 web visits to make 75 sales. 

  • Goal: sell 90 pairs of boots
  • Action: 75 customers make a purchase online, meaning 1,500 visits to the website (don't forget the goal specifics—she will want to get these visits by February 28, which she set as the deadline for her goal)

How would you connect your consumer action to an online marketing action? Think .... write....

Next steps

Through the next exercises in this workbook, you will learn how to translate consumer actions into social media objectives, then determine the right metrics to measure. You will even get guidance on how to create social media messaging that aligns with your social media objectives. 

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