Have You Done Your Mid-year Review?


If you think of your year as January to December, then this week it's time for your mid-year review. Six months have passed; how are you doing? If you can't give at least a rough guess, you aren't doing your monthly reviews. You can't wait until January to look back on an entire year and then realize you should have changed some things. Report, evaluate, make iterative improvements. Regular reviews are a must. Would a manager in charge of profit and loss for her/his unit wait until the very end of the year to figure out how the business is doing? Some things definitely should not be a surprise.⠀

  1. Block off an hour each month in your calendar to review your business and your digital marketing efforts.⠀
  2. Block off an extra hour THIS month to write out your goals and what metrics represent your progress toward those goals. ⠀
  3. Each month, give yourself metric-based goals to incentivize achievement toward the next month. ⠀
  4. At your mid-year review, review all six months together. Where did you fall short? How can you change your strategy to take advantage of new opportunities or to address new threats? ⠀
  5. Repeat.

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