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Home Page

The Mad Will’s redesign was a challenging, complex, and fun project, which involved a lot of important steps, such as:

  • Transferring the domain to a new host

  • Making the switch with the least amount of interruption to email service as possible

  • Redesigning the site and creating 15+ new pages

  • Writing all of the messaging (text) for each page

  • Acquiring photos and creating graphics for the pages

One of the goals was to reduce the time that team members spent emailing forms and information to customers. If any information changed, new documents had to be created. Therefore, two features were critical in the new design:

  1. The website features embedded forms, such as the new customer form.

  2. An exciting stage of this redesign project was building the Co-Packing Process page, which has its own URL, but is actually an aggregate of three pages that can also be viewed separately at unique URLs for Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. Yes, really cool!

Plus, the website looks great on mobile devices (both phones and tablets).

Vision Statement

Vision Statement