Learn about Social Media Marketing from these Podcasts

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By Stephanie Leishman

Learning from others’ experiences and perspectives is one great method of obtaining knowledge. It’s helpful, as a marketer, to hear what other marketers are trying and what experiments have failed or succeeded for them. Then, when you do undergo your own marketing experiments, you have at least an idea of what might happen, some warnings, and even some plans to iterate on others’ experiments.

This type of learning—learning from others’ experiences—can be obtained through interviews, discussions, books, attending conferences, and more. One favorite medium is audible material, such as audio books and podcasts. You can do menial tasks (like washing dishes) while listening to a podcast.

Here is a list of podcasts I’ve found that have some helpful content related to social media marketing. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you have more to add, comment on this post!

General social media or online marketing:

Social Media Marketing by Michael Stelzner (social media marketing)

Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield (online marketing)

Social Media Lab by Agorapulse (results of social media experiments)

Swipe Up (influencer marketing)

The Science of Social Media by Buffer (social media marketing)

SocialPros by Convince and Convert (online marketing)


Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher (Instagram)

Hashtag Authentic (Instagram)


Character Count by Twitter (Twitter)


TubeTalk by VidIQ (YouTube)

YouTube Creators Hub by Dusty Porter (YouTube)

Video Marketing Madness (YouTube)

There are also many podcasts that aren’t solely about social media marketing, but have single episodes about topics that are helpful for social media marketers. For example:

“The Past, Present, and Future of Facebook Advertising with Dennis Yu” by Marketing Speak (on Facebook advertising)

“How Michael Stelzner Grew Social Media Examiner WITHOUT Paid Traffic” by Perpetual Traffic Podcast (turning readers into customers)

Also, on the podcast Positive Feedback Loop, my co-hosts and I have discussed different aspects of digital marketing in episodes such as:

“The Power of Influencers” by Positive Feedback Loop (on influencer marketing)

“Public Apologies” by Positive Feedback Loop (on PR crises)

What podcasts are you listening to, and which episodes are your favorites? Share your favorites in the comments!

Learn about social media marketing from these podcasts

Listen to these podcasts

During my MBA program, we had some long classes that were split into two halves by a 15-minute break. During many of those breaks, two classmates and I discussed all sorts of topics, from blockchain to time travel. Others would gather in the hallway to listen to our conversations, made more entertaining by the fact that we have totally different perspectives on most topics. So, over a year ago, we started Positive Feedback Loop

Why listen to a podcast? 

I spend so much time at the computer managing social media for my clients that reading more on the computer screen gets tiring. Podcasts are a great way to learn while resting my eyes. I can do relaxing tasks like washing the dishes or doing stretches while listening to a podcast that keeps me up to speed on the changing world of social media. 

Let me tell you about some fun and educational podcasts about social media marketing. 

  1. Social Media Lab is a new podcast by Agorapulse. The Agorapulse team does cool social media experiments and tells you the results. For example, "Is Twitter penalizing 3rd party apps?" 
  2. Social Media Marketing Podcast by Social Media Examiner is a podcast that is more generally devoted to sharing knowledge about using social media marketing for business success. 
  3. The Science of Social Media is a podcast by Buffer. They interview people from different industries about their social media marketing. 

Add these three to your playlist and let me know how it goes. Tweet me @hatchsteph to share what you're learning! Also, if you're interested in listening to Positive Feedback Loop (PFL), try one of my favorite recent episodes: Internet Exaggeration