Thanks for your interest in writing for Apiarity!

We love to feature up-and-coming bloggers. You do not have to be a "social media guru" to write for the Apiarity blog. Perhaps you make jewelry, and you want to describe your first experience with Instagram ads. Perhaps you're a foodie and want to feature five great restaurants in your area who are doing amazing things with Snapchat. 

Why blog for us? It's fun. If you're a new blogger, you may gain visibility and visits for your own website or social profiles. It's good practice for improving your blogging skills—we edit and improve your writing before we publish, and it's helpful to you when you see what edits are made. You have published work on someone else's site, which can be included in your résumé and on your LinkedIn profile. 

If you're interested in writing some blog posts, contact us



Get your title/idea approved before you start writing

Submit your post in the shared Google Drive folder provided for you

Your post will be edited for clarity, grammar and spelling, SEO, etc. 

Please do not re-publish your writing on another blog. Our SEO—and yours—will be penalized.


700-1800 words in length

Organize into chunks (e.g., use H2 headers to organize your ideas)

You can write a "how to," you can teach a principle or set of principles, you can write a case study, or you can describe a personal experience. Personal posts tend to do best—explain how you do something, what worked (or did not work) for you, or what inspires you. Here's an example.


Credit & Promotion

Provide your name as you'd like it to appear in the author byline

Provide your Twitter and Instagram handles so we can feature you

You can include one link to your own website in each post. This link cannot be a conflict of interest to services and products Apiarity already offers

Don't get banned from blogging

No plagiarism, no copycats, no stealing.

Do not copy words or ideas from someone else without citing the source and linking back.

If it's a quote, put quote marks around it.

Only use images that you created. Only use photographs you took.

If you take someone else's words, ideas, or images and claim them as your own, you cannot blog for us anymore.