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This is the most versatile e-book file type. EPUB files are compatible with most e-readers (such as iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, and Google Books on Android and iOS), but they are not compatible with the Kindle and Kindle apps (view Kindle compatible books). If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you can select the file and open in iBooks. If you are using a Windows tablet (such as the Surface), you may want to download the Nook app


Linking Business Goals to Social Media Objectives: Strategy Workbook

Second Edition (2018). You have business goals, but do you know how to translate those goals into social media objectives and metrics? Let this workbook guide you. (EPUB; about 47 pages in print)

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Brand Positioning: Strategy Workbook
11.98 14.95

This workbook will guide you through a series of exercises to determine brand positioning, which informs both traditional and digital marketing strategy. EPUB file (about 21 pages in print).

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Social Media Marketing Basics (set of 6)

A six-part series, by Barbara Bickart and Stephanie Leishman, based on the popular edX course Social Media Marketing (.zip file containing six e-books in EPUB format). Equivalent to 226 pages in print.

If you are taking Strategic Social Media Marketing, this series makes a great companion, as it is a compilation of course principles.

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