Digital Marketing Office Hours

At the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce: 128 E Main St, Grass Valley CA 95945

If you are a member of the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce, you can schedule a thirty-minute session during Digital Marketing Office Hours at the Chamber. 

Step 1: Schedule your session

There are no drop-in appointments. You must call the Chamber of Commerce ahead of time to claim a session time.

Upcoming 2019 sessions:

  • July 30 – all session times are claimed

  • August 15 – some afternoon sessions are available

To check availability and claim a session time, call the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce (530-273-4667).

All spots are full through April 2019.


Step 2: Submit your information

Please fill out the required form at least two days before your visit.

Help us prepare for your session by telling us a little about you. This is required.

Name *
This may be owner, general manager, social media manager, director of marketing, etc.
Remember, this is a brief, 30-minute session. Time passes more quickly than you think. We will be able to address one issue (but you can bring two in case we have time). Example topics: • I want to improve my social media or website content–can you take a look? • I spend too much time on social; how can I manage my time better? • I want to hire a social media manager; what qualifications are important? • How can I improve my email marketing? • I get a lot of negative reviews and want to know how I should handle them • I want help understanding my Google Analytics/Facebook Insights dashboard • I am not getting any engagement (likes, comments); how can I fix this? • I want to set up social media accounts and don't know where to start • I just have a bunch of tactical questions about a specific platform and want to run through as many as we can
Please share any additional links to social media profiles you'd like to share.