Entrepreneurship Resources in Nevada County, California

Click on the name of any of the organizations below to visit their websites and learn more about them. Apiarity does not endorse or support any of these organizations; this page is provided only as an informational guide to help you find existing resources for entrepreneurship and business-building in Nevada County, California (including Grass Valley and Nevada City).

Mission statement: “To serve our members by facilitating business development, promoting tourism and visitor direction and presenting information that supports responsible business growth in our community.” 

The Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that provides networking and advertising opportunities to members. 

Vision: "The NCERC is committed to ensuring a thriving, attractive business environment in Nevada County. We support scalable ventures that create quality jobs, promote entrepreneurship, help existing businesses, attract new businesses, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the community. Our prime focus is businesses, entrepreneurs and talent that draw from the national and global market, workforce and economy to grow investments and revenue in Nevada County.”

This organization has three primary initiatives: talent development (promoting tech education and career pathways), community development (outreach, TechTonic Tuesdays), and Connected Communities Academy (meetups and workshops). 

Motto: “helping businesses thrive.” 

This organization offers one-on-one consulting services on creating a feasible business model, gaining access to business opportunities, financing, and strategy.

Information on starting a business in the city of Grass Valley.