Website Design

Do you need a website in under a month? We will design a basic website for you at a rate that is affordable for small businesses, startups, non-profits, and individuals such as musicians and artists. You can even get a website on a tight timeline—if you can send all the necessary pieces and communicate frequently with us, we can build a website in as short as two weeks. We only build websites on Squarespace at this time. Apiarity is a Squarespace Circle Member.


The first step is a discovery meeting with you to discuss your needs, your target audiences, and how best to organize your website.

Then, you can expect to see the design with the messaging and images you have provided. We can make tweaks to get things just right.

If you haven’t claimed a domain, don’t worry. We can help you claim a domain that is available.

If you need help with photography or messaging for the visual and text elements of the website, we can help with that for a reasonable additional cost. We can also refer other professionals (such as photographers and writers) to work with you.

Not Included

If you’re here, you are interested in launching a website quickly and on a budget, and you’re willing to give up part of the process that comes with more complex, high-priced website projects.

You likely want to work with Apiarity if:

  • you don’t need to see proposed design directions; we will design a site that is true to the brand you’ve expressed in our discovery meeting.

  • you don’t want to be involved in detailed design choices; for example, the location of the navigation bar, the height of the footer, and other ‘architectural’ elements. However, we will be able to change some things, like text, images, font choices, colors, and some placements.

You can trust us to build a simple, but beautiful website that will be true to your brand image and be user-friendly to your target audiences.

Before we start

Before the project starts, you may want to:

  • Determine your timeline. When does the website need to launch? While we can design a website in 30 days or less, we can expedite for an additional fee.

  • Figure out who needs to be involved in the meetings and decisions.

  • Provide details for contact page (phone, email, address, social links, etc.)

  • Gather all documents that would be helpful, such as logo files and other branding assets, postcards and brochures, business strategy documents, and any other marketing materials that you are using.