Website Design

Do you need a website in under a month? We will design a basic website for you at a rate that is affordable for small businesses, startups, non-profits, and individuals such as musicians and artists. You can even get a website on a tight timeline—if you can send all the necessary pieces and communicate frequently with us, we can build a website in as short as two weeks. We only build websites on Squarespace at this time.


 The first step is a discovery meeting with you to discuss your needs and how best to organize your website.

The deliverable is up to five designed pages, built right in Squarespace.

Not included

Design proposals and rounds of reviews. Because you've chosen to prioritize time and money, you are trusting us to build a high-quality, but basic, website that will present your brand online.

We will not send design directions and several rounds of edits nor will you be able to make detailed design choices. You should send links to types of websites you like so we can understand the aesthetic you're going for, and we will quickly build a basic website that has as much of the vibe as possible.

If you would like more choices, you will need to pay a full-service web development firm.

Required from you

Before the project starts, you will need to:

  • Purchase a Squarespace plan and buy your domain through Squarespace

  • Write all text content

  • Provide details for contact page (phone, email, address, social links, etc.)